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UBuildIt Customers LOVE Their Results... AND The Instant Equity.
But We'll Let Them Speak For Themselves.

  • “We Ended Up Getting Exactly What We Wanted."

    Bob & Angie Peck knew from the start they wanted to build their home themselves. The savings of doing it this way would allow for upgrades, particularly in making the home more energy-efficient.

    Home Cost: $332,000

    Appraised At: $389,000

    Instant Equity: $57,000

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  • “Every Subcontractor Suggested By UbuildIt Was Excellent.”

    Bruce & Linda Booher had previously had a custom home built using a builder. This time, they decided they could do it themselves – as long as they had the right help.

    Home Cost: $533,490

    Appraised At: $685,000

    Instant Equity: $151,000

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  • “I Don’t See That We Would Have Gotten This Home Any Other Way.”

    Charlie & Shelby Yao had a vision of their perfect home for years. It turns out UBuildIt was the exact right choice to realize this dream home.

    Home Cost: $897,000

    Appraised At: $1,180,000

    Instant Equity: $283,000

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  • “We Finished With Almost $200,000 Of Equity!”

    Sean & Kim Thompson had built 3 previous homes, but this time they decided on UBuildIt to get more for their budget and to “make sure everything got done like we wanted."

    Home Cost: $728,000

    Appraised At: $903,000

    Instant Equity: $175,000

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  • Cost Just Over $200,000 To Build,
    Appraises For Over $300,000 When Finished

    Brian & Tiffany Roberson wanted to move to the country, so their children could enjoy the outdoors. Not only did they get that, they also got a home that appraised for one-third more than it cost to build!

    Home Cost: $206,000

    Appraised At: $305,000

    Instant Equity: $99,000

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Who is the UBuildIt Client?
And what’s an “Owner-Builder”?

Our clients want more control and want to be more heavily involved in their construction project. They are generally 30-55 years old, middle to upper income.

The number of families choosing to act as their own builder is increasing because people want bigger homes with better features and are looking for more value for their money. 10% of new construction projects each year in the U.S. are started and completed by “owner-builders.”

But going it alone can be an uncertain venture when attempting a large construction project.

Our clients understand that without professional guidance and resources that UBuildIt can bring to the table, managing their own building project will be an expensive, time-consuming and learning experience that most of them will not want to do again. So they see the value that UBuildIt can provide in giving them the best of both worlds – Being in total control of their building project but also at the same time have professional guidance and great connections that save them time and money.

A lot of our clients decide to stay in their current home and instead chose to remodel or create an addition. They’re passionate about their project, thrilled at the ability to control their own daily construction schedule, and pleased to choose and manage the subcontractors that will be in and out of their home.

The UBuildIt client is no longer just an “owner-builder”. They maintain control, make the decisions, and enjoy the results without the uncertainties of doing it alone. They’re willing to take responsibility for their basic tasks, such as:

Attention: This is a franchisee opportunity that requires an initial investment of $35,000, plus operating capital. Only individuals with a liquid assets of at least $50,000 will be considered.