The UBuildIt Opportunity

UBuildIt partners are CONSULTANTS who support their clients desire to build or remodel their own homes. UBuildIt offices are independantly owned and operated. Our Franchise Partners take advantage of their business skills in Sales, Marketing and Consulting without the headaches, liability and risks of being a builder.

Construction Consulting is less involved than being a custom builder or even a project manager… so our franchise partners can consult on more projects. There is no inventory, no major equipment to purchase.

UBuildIt has developed a series of programs focused on clients who are interested in having more involvement in building or remodeling their homes beyond the conventional approach of hiring a general contractor. UBuildIt developed its classic program over 23+ years ago and more recently has developed new programs which its franchisees can use with their clients. Some provide a higher level of support to the client while others take on a more “advisory only” approach. This allows the franchisees to capture more clients with a broader range of services.

It’s a great time to join us in a growing market segment. Be part of an industry leader with National exposure.

Proven Systems and Proven Success

Since 1988, the UBuildIt system has helped thousands of clients become effective ‘owner-builders’. They are homeowners that manage their own construction project. The systems that were initially developed have been continually refined and upgraded to reflect the most current knowledge and best practices. As a result, new UBuildIt Franchise Partners can access years of learning from other franchise partners. They do not have to spend their time, or their money, trying to figure out the best way to do things. UBuildIt’s success is based on the effectiveness of its operational and training systems, sales and marketing systems, and client systems.

As a UBuildIt business owner, you get paid for professional services:

Training and Support

You will receive intensive training. One of the cornerstones of franchise success is the professional and thorough training provided to the new business owner and their team. The UBuildIt University provides comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of how to start, build, and manage a successful Construction Consulting business – your UBuildIt office. We provide the methods and systems necessary to establish and grow your business. Plus, UBuildIt is committed to providing the very best on-going support, and continued training and education.

Through a variety of means, we are in continuous communication with our Franchise Partners through their various stages of growth. An additional opportunity for ongoing training and support comes from the knowledge exchange that takes place between the individual franchisees in the UBuildIt Network. The ability to talk with, and learn from others utilizing the exact same systems and processes provides a valuable business model and distinct advantage.

We supply and support our Franchise Partners with…

Marketing and Sales

In order to grow a successful business, technical expertise must be combined with the ability to effectively and efficiently get the proper message to your potential clients. UBuildIt has developed a complete “tool kit” of marketing and sales techniques and strategies. You receive professionally developed sales and marketing materials so that from the first day of your business you will have instant credibility and brand indentification.

You are trained with techniques to address client needs and questions, and you learn what is sucessful in other offices all across the country. Plus, you can set yourself apart in the marketplace and attract immediate interest with branded items such as: vehicle wraps, home show booths, newspaper and magazine ads, flyers, brochures, radio ad scripts, 30 second TV spots, postcards, billboards, a 30 minute Infomercial and much more.

What Are We Looking For?

A Partnering Relationship

Our franchising system is based on the premise that we as a company can only be successful if our Franchise Partners are successful first. We believe in a partnering relationship with our franchisees, our vendors and suppliers, our employees, and our clients. Success for UBuildIt, both corporately and for each of our Franchise Partners, flows from the success of our strategic business partnerships and the wellness of our Network.

Start-Up Capital

Depending on your individual situation, and the location that you desire, your start up costs can vary. One of the first steps that we will assist you with is helping you determine what the range of your start up costs will be.

It’s Your Move

The next step is yours if YOU...