Do I need a construction background to run a successful UBuildIt business?

People coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels can be successful in this business. Excellent interpersonal and management skills coupled with a strong desire to provide outstanding client service are key ingredients. Successful franchise networks also depend on Franchise Partners to value and follow a proven system, and to commit to brand consistency and integrity.

We have identified “FOUR “HATS” that are present in our most successful franchise offices…

These “hats” must be worn by the ownership team or their staff. Construction Consulting is the backbone of this business, so you will need to feel confident in offering the services yourself (and be approved by UBuildIt to do so), or position your business to engage an experienced residential construction professional to work directly with your clients during their construction phases. The other disciplines that are critical to success include the ability to manage, market and grow the business, to follow the marketing guidelines, and to convince people to become your UBuildIt clients.

What is the “cost” of a franchise?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of your first UBuildIt franchise ranges from $113,500 to $223,800. This includes the initial franchise fee of $35,000 for your first franchise and $10,000 for each additional franchise bought simultaneously. (these initial investment amounts vary widely based upon your own particular circumstances, business goals, and regional market).

You will receive initial training, access to the system, proprietary software, ongoing support, and system updates to help you get started.

Depending on your individual situation, and the location that you desire, your start up costs can vary. One of the first steps that we will assist you with is helping you determine what the range of your start up costs will be.

To be considered for a franchise, you MUST have liquid assets of at least $50,000, and must have real-world business experience. No exceptions will be made.

If I am a builder, can I add UBuildIt to my present business?

Yes! UBuildIt offers a unique opportunity for existing builders or remodelers to add UBuildIt to their existing business. This allows them to offer a service that their competitors don’t. Also, not all people who come to UBuildIt fit the profile to be a successful owner-builder. This gives you, as an existing builder or remodeler, the opportunity to offer your building or remodeling service as an option, once they or you decide that they don’t fit.

Why should I consider a UBuildIt business?

A UBuildIt operation is a good business for people who are looking to get a solid return on an investment in themselves with a proven national business concept. For some people it is a great way to broaden their customer base as home builders and remodelers in their community. For others it is a solid way to enter a business where their interests and enthusiasm reside. The UBuildIt business model allows professionals to become an advocate and adviser to families in their community, helping them develop, customize and realize their personal living space dreams.

A UBuildIt business provides 1) good income potential; 2) status in your local community as a provider of solutions for all types of homeowners; 3) long term support from a franchisor and other franchisees dedicated to improving the operating and marketing system of this national company; 4) the comfort of knowing the business you are growing might eventually be sold, resulting in additional income to you.

UBuildIt is a vintage American operation, permitting hard working and resourceful owner-operators to make as much money as they choose, based on their ability to follow a system, develop relationships in their community, treat clients and vendors as treasured relationships and help families attain their dreams by building or remodeling a home to reflect their interests, needs and desires.

How do I get started?

Successful franchise candidates closely follow the discovery process… much like a successful franchise partner closely follows our UBuildIt system. This process gives us both an opportunity to learn more about each other and to determine if this would be a good business fit. Start by registering for the upcoming online virtual seminar.

Here is your next step:

1. Attend the upcoming Free Virtual Seminar

2. Fill out this Potential Franchisee Evaluation Form

3. You will then be invited to have a phone interview with a member of our franchise development team.